About us

At Newcastle Design your vision meets our meticulous approach to interior craft. We are dedicated to creating spaces that resonate with elegance and a personal touch, setting the stage for a transformative design journey.
We embark on each project with a clear ethos — your space is our canvas, and we’ll turn your hopes into an artistic statement. For us, design is a holistic process grounded in elegance and precision. We blend innovative ideas with stunning craft, to create spaces that balance stunning aesthetics with seamless functionality.
Every home is unique, every person's taste is different, and every story is special. We know how to tell your story through creative design and execution.
Our website is a curated gallery that highlights some of our previous projects, and offers a glimpse into our creative process. We hope it sparks inspiration, and we’d love to discuss your vision and expectations with a casual chat, either face to face or in a virtual meeting. We’ll help you reimagine the possibilities of your own home space.

How we work

At Newcastle Design, our unique blend of craft and design excellence is deeply rooted in the expertise of our founders, Ronan Carey and Phillip Hempenstall. Renowned for their exceptional standards in the industry, they carry forward decades of wisdom as master cabinetmakers and distinguished furniture designers.

For us, each project is a journey of precision, from its initial design concept to the final elegant installation. Our seasoned professionals meticulously oversee every detail, ensuring that each custom piece of furniture perfectly complements its destined space.

Given the unique, bespoke nature of our creations, the pricing for each project varies significantly. We offer preliminary cost estimates to our clients before proceeding with the design phase, setting the stage for a transparent and informed design journey